Basic and Advanced Section Options

In every flex module you’ll have both basic and advanced section options.

Basic Section Options

Background color: The basic option includes the ability to change the background color of a flex section. Each background option will match your brand colors but will give you the ability to change how modules are broken up on the page. Sometimes it can be helpful to have different background colors when content shifts and a visual difference makes sense.

Hide Section: This allows you to visually hide a section on the frontend if you no longer want that content public facing. This gives you the flexibility of not having to remove content from a page completely if you think you’ll need it again in the future.

Advanced Section Options

Section Slug: The section slug is helpful if you ever need to jump to this section of a page from the menu or another page. You should name the slug after the content in the module so it’s easy to remember. The section slug can be used for custom links. For example:

  • You have a flex module that includes news posts on a page with a lot of other content, but you’d like to link specifically to this section from the navigation. You’ll want to add recentnews in the section slug and use when linking to this page section.