Building Your First Page

Everything you need to know about building your web pages.

Add a New Page

It’s time to build your first page! Head to Pages in the lefthand navigation and select Add New.

Selecting a template

The first step you’ll want to take is to select the Flex template under Page attributes on the righthand side. This will give you access to all the flex modules that you’ll need to build a page. You should see the page change to a Flex Template once selected and new space for your flex content. Add a title to your page and select Save Draft until you’re ready to publish.

Editing the Slug

You may want the slug to be different from the page title if you end up having a long title but would prefer to have a shorter slug. You can change the slug but BE SURE to only change it before you’ve shared it publicly. Once you publish and share, you should not change the slug as the original page will lead any user who has access to an error (404) page.

Adding Flex Modules

Now it’s time to put your page together. Once you have your new page set to a Flex Template, you’ll see an Add Section button. This will give you the option to select one of the flex templates available for your site. You can add as many modules as you’d like to the page. Learn more about adding content to flex modules on this page.

Flex Function

Duplicate Layout

If you’ve added content or know that you’ll need the same module for several sections on your page, you can easily duplicate or clone your module by hovering over the right side, near the arrow, of the flex module and selecting the double square icon.


If you need to delete a module, hover over the same place you duplicated the module and select the – icon to remove.


If you want your flex modules formatted in a different order on the page, simply select the flex module and move it up or down until it’s in the place you’d like it.

Expand / Collapse

Sometime the content and number of flex modules can get lengthy and make it hard to move to see what you have on the backend and easily jump from module to module. You have the ability to expand and collapse each module for easier navigation. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Click on the top of the module where the title of the module exists to expand or collapse.
  2. Select the arrow on the top far right side of the module to toggle open and closed.

Cloning a Page

There may be time when you need to duplicate an entire page because two pages on your site may have the same structure but different content. You can clone a page by

Setting a Featured Image

You have the option to set a featured image for a page on the righthand side in WordPress. This is important to set if you’d like an image displayed when using the Featured Content module. It will also become the image that is used when shared on social.