Content Blocks

Content blocks are a great way to add a mix of visuals and content throughout your site. You’ll have the ability to alternate left/right and stack content, as well as group in a single row. There are several variations for this module as you’ll learn in this guide.


Style Variants

Once you select a Variant, you’ll be able to add content blocks to the module.

Image left; Text right & Image right; Text left

These two variants give you the option to have the image/content on either side. If you add more than one block to one of these variants, your images and texts will be stacked vs alternating. View a visual here.

Alternating Left/Right

This variant is helpful if you know you’re going to have more than one content block, but would like the images and text to alternate on the page as the content gets added. View visual here.


There are three row variants: two per row, three per row and four per row. This variant stacks the image on top of the header, subheading and optional button vs the left/right variants above. View a visual here. 


These are the options for how wide the media is displayed on the page.

Content: Content width will have the biggest margin, and the smallest display of a media item.

Container: Container width will have a smaller margin, and a bigger display of the media item.

Full: Full width will have no margin and stretch across the entire page, and is the biggest display of a media item.

Adding Content Blocks

After you’ve selected the variant for the module, you can now begin adding content by selecting the Add Block button. You can add as many blocks as you’d like to your page.

Image: You have the option to add an image or not, but would recommend using an image for left/right or alternating variants where as the rows can be used without if needed.

Image Style: The options for image shape display are either regular, circle or square.

Heading & Content: Each block of content can include a heading and body content if needed.

Links: You have the option to add a link to another page on your site or a custom URL. If a link is added, the image will be clickable as well as the header.

Reordering: If you need to reorder the content blocks, simply select the lefthand side of the block where the number is and move it either up or down to the desired spot.