This module gives you the ability to focus on adding media items to your site including embedding an image, background video or youtube video at different widths on the page. You can view the visual variants of this module on this page.


Style Variants

Section Header

You have the option to include no header, heading only or heading with summary (subheading).


These are the types of media you can add to the module.

Image: You can add an image as you would for other modules, by selecting one from the media library or uploading a new.

Background Video: The background video is different from a traditional YouTube video in that it is always playing on the page. The user does not need to hit play to view the video, it will continue to play as they scroll through the page. View the visual here. 

YouTube: You also have the ability to add in a YouTube URL in the URL field within this module. This will display as other videos and require the user to select play to begin the video.


These are the options for how wide the media is displayed on the page.

Content: Content width will have the biggest margin, and the smallest display of a media item. View the visual here.

Container: Container width will have a smaller margin, and a bigger display of the media item. View the visual here.

Full: Full width will have no margin and stretch across the entire page, and is the biggest display of a media item. View the visual here.